Instructor Camarão

Instructor Camarão's martial arts journey began in the 1990s when he started practicing Kenpo Karate in his hometown of Leominster, Massachusetts. After a few months he was completely hooked and could be found training for hours in his bedroom. Camarão's father was a dedicated martial artist and the two joined the Tae Kwon Do Karate Club where his father became his teacher. He studied TKD for many years within Master Ron Bastein's school, enjoying the kicking style and discipline it took to practice the martial art. He participated in many tournaments and excelled in forms.

As a teenager, Camarão moved through different music scenes. He found himself captivated by house music culture. For years, he danced house and dabbled at breaking at various events throughout New England. This influenced his approach to capoeira, which he discovered in 2000 at Northeastern University. He was immediately drawn to the art's unique blend of acrobatics, martial arts, and music.

Camarão trained at Northeastern and throughout Boston for many years with the Capoeira Brasil group. His Mestre (or Master) is Mestre Boneco, one of the most respected capoeira mestres in the world. Under Mestre Boneco's guidance, Camarão blossomed into a talented capoeirista. He developed a deep understanding of the art's history, philosophy, and technique.

Camarão is a dedicated and passionate capoeirista. He continues to train regularly and teach classes at Boston Capoeira Brasil. He is also a vocal advocate for the art, and he frequently works towards bringing the local community together. Camarão believes that capoeira is more than just a martial art; it is a way of life that teaches us valuable lessons about discipline, perseverance, and respect. He is committed to sharing the gift of capoeira with others and helping them to reach their full potential.